A Spaceman Came Calling

A Spaceman Came Calling

Author: J.[ane] E. Barry


Date: 2019.

Place: s.l.

Publisher: Belvidere Press.

ISBN: 978-1-081-53317-5.

Number of Pages: 140.

Reference:  Barry, Jane E. (2019). A Spaceman Came Calling. S.l.: Belvidere Press.

Genre: Novella.

Screen Adaptations: —.

Portuguese Translations: No


Davey Black, a divorced journalist, aged 45, and father of a 15 year old girl in love with The Beatles, works for the Saddleton Standard, a small Yorkshire newspaper. Davey’s interest in, and commitment to, the coverage of local news is, however, rather feeble and the arrival of Miranda Hope, a young and dynamic junior journalist with a grade from Cambridge, will make things worse for him. Davey craves for a ‘scoop’ that may throw open the doors of the Fleet Street press, when, all of a sudden and out of the blue, he is contacted on the car radio by Michael (Mike) Collins, one of the “Apollo 11” cosmonauts, ready to grant him, straight from the Moon, the interview Davey had asked him for.

Keywords: “Apollo 11”; The landing on the Moon; Michael (Mike) Collins.

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